Spiritual Growth

The 12th of September 2015 I had a wonderful dream. I was on a raft moving through peaceful waters. The water was crystal clear and I could see everything under the surface, all the way to the bottom. It was not too deep and huge plants were growing in the water. Their lower parts were submerged in the water and the lush, bushy upper parts spread their leaves abundantly in the air. It was a serene and intimate place.

150912 Spiritual Growth1

I had never seen plants growing in water like that, but what was more unusual was their colour. They all had a ruby taint, like purple cabbage and beet root. Everything growing in the water got the same shades.

I was told that there was a substance in the water that gave them this colour, and this year there was more of it than before. All plants and everything growing in the water were affected by it and grew bigger and more intense in colour. Before I woke up I entered a place were we had to bow down our heads in order to continue.

As I woke up I knew the dream spoke of spiritual matters. The pure water was a symbol of the spirit of God, His living water and life-giving substance that allows growth and shapes the creation in His image. The substance in the water was light, divine consciousness with both purpose and power.

Ruby red, the colour closest to the colour of blood, is a magnificent symbol of God’s power, salvation and sacrifice, judgement and completion, His perfect love and mercy. It is a symbol of the blood of Christ and it tells us that His spiritual presence on earth is getting stronger, closer and clearer.

All that is sown, created or grown in His spirit, will be filled with His perfection and reflect the blood of Christ. Anyone standing in the spirit will produce fruits filled with His light. Now more than ever before in our lifetime. This year we can expect to see larger, clearer and more vivid manifestations of Him. His presence is near, we will feel Him. Whatever is good will be better and whatever is blessed will be more blessed.

I was told that this year it was more than before. “This year” may simply mean 2015, but the dream came the day before the shemitah and just before the historic Year of Jubilee started. Could it be referring to the year of Jubilee? The Jubilee comes every 49th year and is a very significant period were things are restored to the people of God. It started on the Day of Atonement the 23rd of September 2015 and will last until late September 2016. It is expected to be a challenging, but prosperous year for those that are in the will of God.

We live in epic times and we will most certainly see amazing things grow out of the spirit realm. It is building up and the intensity is increasing. Just as the darkness is growing, so is His everlasting presence. Just like in the dream we need to bow our heads in awe and humility to continue to the next level.

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