United Performance

The 9th of December 2015 I dreamt about the roles of different nations. First there was something about France, England and Germany bombing and then I dreamt about a staged show by the UN. The show was like a planned performance were all nations held hands. They formed a huge circle and inside that circle was the whole world watching like spectators.

151209 United Performance


I knew in the dream that it was the UN, but all the nations were represented by small children. Two adults were in charge of the show, they behaved like teachers in elementary school. They called up one more “teacher” to help out, so when the actual performance started there were three leaders. The leaders were dressed in costumes and directed all the children as in a school play. Every step was planned and well rehearsed. If a child hesitated or didn’t follow the script, the adults would quickly assist the child so that they all followed the staged plan.

They smiled and it all went along as planned, even though some children stumbled around completely out of sync. It all came together as planned. They formed a huge circle, first by holding hands and later by doing a variation of folk dance in the circle. It was like a symbol of unity and constructed Peace, everyone had their instructed place.

Like a parent, I was sitting inside the circle with many others. We were the audience, the habitants of the earth, witnessing the united performance. I remember thinking “This is more like a stage show than a democracy”.

The three leaders that directed the flocks of nations, used subtle manipulation to ensure all followed their predecided path. These leaders may be global powers such as the Federal Reserves etc. They may also be super nations such as the US, Russia and China. If so we know that the US and Russia are already very active on the stage of the world. Could we expect them to soon invite China to enter the international realm in a much more prominent way?

And what does the initial part with France, England and Germany mean? I believe it tells us that the UN performance will relate to a war were these three nations are dopping bombs, most likely in Syria. If so it may also give us a hint of the timing, as all three need to be invovled before the next step can occur. France has already started and the British parliament has just approved bombing Syria. Will the staged UN performance take place when Germany has joined the bombing campaign as well?

Before I woke up I thought of the Palestinian flag that the “children” had raised like a spontaneous stunt. I knew it could not have been “spontaneous”. It had to have been well-planned and approved in three different ways or high-level stages. Things were not as presented.

Thank you Lord for giving us wisdom to see through the leaders’ deception and lies. Help us hold hands with all of your people and know your will for our lives. You have a plan God that is so much greater than the evil one. As we trust you we will walk into that plan and see your greatness Lord. Thank you for being our defender and guide. Lead us with love and grant us peace in our hearts. Help us do your will and bring in your Kingdom.

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