Iraq Flooded With Weapons

The 11th of December 2015 I dreamt that Iraq was flooded with weapons. Turkey and others had brought them in. I wondered what they were thinking? Did they not understand that it would back-fire? They played a very dangerous game! I saw how one side was pushing for war and another side was trying to stop it.

Then I went to a group of ladies in a cafe in a shopping centre. They were waiting to be served. I brought materials (textiles) to them so that they could sew and create things.

I believe the dream is telling me to share info about the situation in Iraq, provide material, so that believers, the church, can pray and respond in the spirit. Through prayers and seeking God in a humble, sincere way, we can sow seeds of light and goodness and decrease the tension. Yes “sewing” can be a word play for “sowing” seeds :)

Regarding the war, there are many nations involved. Some have good intentions, others not. Some pretend to be the good guys, others play on both sides and some barely hie their desire for more land and resources. In this complex soup of conflicting interests, there is a simple perspective that the enemy don’t want us to see. While wondering which country is good and which one is bad, we all miss the point.

For the enemy is not a nation, or a group of nations. Nor is it a person or a group of people. Neither is it a specific religion, race or political party. The enemy is satan, and all who work for satan. I can already hear some arguing “The enemy is ISIS, radical islam”, but I don’t fully agree. The real enemy is bigger than that, it is satan and his children, a rather small group of people that are pulling the strings behind the scenes to release both ISIS and all kinds of other conflicts and issues.

The children of satan have dedicated their lives to the devil and they seek chaos. They are mighty men in power and own most of the worlds resources and they are playing nations against nations, races against races, religion against religion. They are the globalists that wants to rule the earth and enslave mankind, and they need a huge crisis, a war, to succeed in their attempts and launch the “new world order”.

They are infiltrated in most nations and play their games to distract mankind. We are all being played and manipulated and their goal is to create division and make us all attack each other. The children of satan are pushing for war, and all who have been deceived by them. They want want millions to die to solve the inconvenient population growth.

They want black to hate white, muslim to hate christian, left to hate right, nation to hate nation and so on. But we are brothers and sisters, children of God, and we need to see through their schemes. We are the ones that try to stop the war and we need to unite in truth to reject the root of evil.

…and we can make a difference! We can vote, we can speak out, we can share truth and expose lies, we can pray, repent and wake up our neighbour, we can call or write letters to politicians and we can say NO to foolishness! If you feel called to do something then this is the time to get active! You may feel small but together we are many. The world needs you.

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