Fighting For Peace

The 5th of January 2016 I dreamt about Turkey. Selahattin Demirtas, the leader of the Kurdish political party HDP, was fighting to save the nation. He held something like a blanket in his hands. It was curved like a bow in front and it had been spread out on the land for a long time. Now forces were trying to remove it and he struggled with all his might to hold it in place.

160105 Fighting for Peace

A bow is a symbol of an agreement, like a peace treaty. We see this symbolism in the old testament where God gave Noah the rainbow as a symbol of a covenant between God and mankind for all times. In this dream the bow most likely was a symbol of peace. It was as if Demirtas struggled to uphold the state of peace for the nation. A task certainly too big for one man, but with God anything is possible.

For decades Demirtas has indeed been working for peace. He has become the public Turkish voice for peace, freedom, equality and democracy. He has done what is in his might to re-establish the peace treaty between PKK (kurdish military organization) and the Turkish government. He has not succeeded in this and now the nation is on the brinck of civil war. Turkish media may claim otherwise and try to put Demirtas down, but the dream was clear. Demirtas is doing something important and his intention is to save the nation. His strategy may have changed but his values and goal has not changed. He is still fighting with all his might in peaceful ways to stop great suffering and calamity.

In the dream he gave his son the responsibility to hold important positions. He gave him authority to help in the fight. I suppose Demirtas is a muslim, but is it completely impossible that he still knows the spirit of Christ? I believe he knows His presence, hears His voice and follows His instructions. For God is one, whether He is in spirit or incarnated in form. Therefore I believe that the son in the dream is NOT Demirtas’ son, but rather THE son.. the incarnation of God, the Immanuel, God among us. I believe Demirtas, without consciously knowing it, is giving Yeshua (Jesus/Isa) authority to stand with him in this fight. God is good!

The situation in Turkey was bothering me greatly in the dream. I saw that doors that was supposed to be closed were opened and chaos emerged, so I called the police. I believe that was a symbol of calling the ultimate upholder of law and order, our God. I called for God’s justice and protection, help and intervention. Then I dreamt about a man called Kurd Dan. Kurd is the term for the Kurdish people, and the name Dan means “God is my judge”. Therefore I say to all Kurds that may be facing hard times now: God is your judge, you hope, your solution and your protection. Follow His ten commandments, live in peace and love and He will be with you. Don’t take justice in your own hands, but serve God and let Him deal with the injustice!

May you the nation of Turkey God. May you uphold peace between Kurds and Turks and bring justice to all. You are the judge and you know the truth, may you judge justly in all matters. May you bring judgement to those in government who stir up conflicts, love evil and break human rights on a daily basis. May you heal the hearts of all who have faced injustice and suffered by their hands. May you lift up and bless those that follow your commands and love good. May you bless all who lives for your love God. And may we all have eyes to see and ears to hear your truth God so that we can help you make Your will be done Lord.

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