A Ruling Principle

It is common sense to think that the leader of a country is chosen because the majority voted for that person. But what makes people vote the way they do? Surely the media plays an important role and can manipulate the masses, still one word of truth can change the course if the public is willing to hear it. So who is really in control, the media, the rich and powerful, the people or God? Are there any principles ruling who gets to rule?

160107 A Ruling Principle

I believe there are and they tear down the illusion that ordinary people are helpless victims of their superiors. The truth is that we, the people, have power! We have been given free will, and God takes careful note of what we choose, every single day, and HE is in complete control!

So why do we get so many corrupt, cruel and ignorant leaders? Isn’t it because they cheated in the elections and the media ran misleading propaganda? Isn’t it because the greedy bad guys deceived the public? Surely they would never have voted the same way if they were not deceived…

All of this is true, but we often forget to look at our everyday choices, the small things in our own lives. For when God allows a bad leader to gain power, he also allows the the media to spread lies. Not because He wants people to be deceived, but because the people WANTS to be deceived. I don’t know many people that really wants to know the truth. They hate it! It makes them feel uncomfortable and it is challenging them to make changes in their lives, and they don’t want that. Most people want decent lies that makes them feel good.

But we, the people, have power and we use our votes every single day. When God is allowing a corrupt leader to gain power, it is only because we have chosen to corrupt His values and let unholy things rule in our lives.

It’s a principle of life. We reap as we sow and a leader reflects the general values of the people. If people in general are cruel, they will get a cruel leader. If people are unfaithful to their spouses, they will get a leader that is unfaithful to his nation. If people lie and steal from their neighbor, they will get a leader that misleads and steals from the people. If the people love money more than God, they will get greedy cynical leaders. If they behave like dictators over their wives and children, their leader will be a dictator.

It’s so easy to point fingers and see the errors in other nations and cultures, people in the west do it all the time. But they have crappy leaders in the west as well. So let’s continue the list so that everyone in the west can see that the principle applies for them as well. If the people in general disobey the laws of God (like the ten commandments), their leaders will be lawless as well and pay no respect to the constitution. If the people abuse rights and priveliges, their leader will abuse their powers. If the people try to control every aspect of their own lives, instead of trusting God, they will get leaders that try to control every aspect of everyone’s lives, a surveilance-state. Can you see the pattern?

God is fair and faithful. He gives us what we choose. We get to see the consequences of our own actions, and He wants us to learn from it. That is both an amazing and scary concept at the same time. It shows how much power we have, but also the tremendous responsibility. What we choose on an everyday basis really matters!

The enemy wants us to think that we are helpless, but that is a lie. Each and everyone of us have been given spiritual power and authority. We can put God’s will and God’s ways higher than our own. We can follow God’s commandments and sow seeds of love, or we can live in rebellion (and see the consequences). It may seem naive and small, but these are powerful things. If all people would sincerely focus on improving themselves, to fit the ways of God, there would probably not be a single cruel leader in the whole world.

So what can we do when the leaders already are bad? Well, anger and rebellion certainly doesn’t move God, but humility does and a people willing to change their ways. God doesn’t want to send calamity our way, he only allows it when we deliberately choose it and need the consequences to wake up. When the majority of a people changes, so will their leaders. It can be done in one day if the people turn to Him. Are you waiting for God to make a change? Well, He might be waiting for you..

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