Learning How To Drive

I have allowed myself to experience a lot, free from fear and prejudice. I didn’t grow up with the Bible as the user manual for life. So I didn’t have pre-made definition of what was good and bad. Instead I followed an inner voice and learned from experiencing the different forces and principles in life.

It eventually led me to the Bible, and I knew it was true. Not because someone had lectured me, but because I recognized the things that was written in there. It confirmed what I had already witnessed. One could say that I learned a lot the practical way, more than the theoretical way. So, now I am trying to catch up with the theory to get to know the words just as much as the spirit.

Having this perspective I can’t help but observing a lot of religious “geeks” though. Skinny, pale-looking nerds with thick glasses, the kind of guys that have never set their foot out in the woods and hardly ever seen day light. No, I am not speaking of computer geeks, but believers submerged in theoretical dogmas to such a degree that they have no idea what it looks like in real life.

At times they might be intimidating, cause they know very well how to correct others and justify their claims by inarguable scriptures. But the more I grow in confidence I see them as adorable children. Like 5 year olds consumed in technical books about driving cars, being absolutely certain of how it is supposed to be done, even though they have never seen, heard of or been in a car.

Learning To Drive

I can hear one of them saying “You must hold a circle, like a wheel, in your hands, and turn it this way and then the other way. That is how to drive”. And then another argues “No, no! That is not the way! You are doomed if you do that! We have to hold a stick as well, to change gears. It says clearly that whoever holds a stick in one hand and a wheel in the other is driving!”. Then a third one says “Stay away from the stick! It says in verse 85 that it can shut down the whole engine. That is dangerous stuff! No stick should be used while driving unless a pastor is with you!”.

It can be quite humorous for an adult, or someone who knows what driving is, to listen to such a dialogue. They all have little bits of the puzzle, and claim to know it all. It is obvious though to anyone who’s actually been driving a real car, that they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Now, I am not saying that I am the adult, knowing it all, but sometimes my practical hands-on education has taught me different elements that I recognize in the Bible. I know what it’s about cause I’ve experienced it. And that’s when I hear the “geeks” proclaiming strange stuff, one thing further off target than the other.

It’s laughable in one sense, but the sad thing is that most of these people have positions and influence. Huge amounts of people listen to them and adopt their fears and misleading concepts. Some of them make it really hard to ever get a grip on reality, or even dear to engage in it. And those that know a bit about driving, can’t see the light in the church due to such nonesense.

This is not only an issue within Christianity, but within all religions, indicating that trying to grasp abstract concepts through words alone may not be the best approach. Perhaps it is only by getting a little dirt on our hands, digging into the mud so to say, that we are able to understand and “master” the spiritual realm? Perhaps we should not be so scared of what is “out there” that we never develope proper skills?

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