The End Game

The 21st of February I dreamt about cabals and solitaire card games. I actually only dreamt of the card games, but in my language that game is called “cabal”, so to me it was one and the same thing.

It looked like the Spider Solitaire that I have on my computer, and I was shown the basic rules of the game. It was slightly different than in real life because in the dream there were two players. While one part was making a move, the other part waited, until it was time to make counter move.

160221 The End Game

It was like the battle between light and darkness where God allows the enemy to make a move, before He makes a counter move. The red cards were like the blood of Christ, God’s people of love and life, while the black cards were the children of satan, those promoting darkness and evil. Both sides had kings and queens and a hierarchy going all the way down to the low level cards of “farmers”, “workers” and “foot soldiers”.

In the beginning the cards were all scattered with red and black all mixed together. Most of them were hidden, but step by step the cards were turned and their true nature were revealed. I was shown how the cards built on each other and gained strength by lining up in the right position. Each card had it’s place and step by step God and satan positioned their “troops”. Black was increasingly separated from red, and rows of joint forces slowly appeared. Light was separated from darkness and the contrast between the two increased.

Before we move on I’d like to explore the meaning of the words. Here’s what the dictionary says about “cabal”: “A cabal is defined as a small group of secret plotters, as against a government or a person in authority”. When that plot becomes global it ends up being a plot against God and His children on earth. So the dark kings, queens and rulers of this world are plotting against mankind and the King over all kings, Christ. The word “solitaire” seems to refer to the need for patience, and patient faith is surely what we need in this game. We win as long as we keep going..

In the dream the game was getting quite close to the end. A black king was at the top accompanied by the queen, the knight and number ten. It did not look promising as the dark king seemed to be about to win the game and rule the earth. Noone seemed to be able to stop him and it was easy to fall into depression and fear.

But then I was filled with joy and peace as I was shown God’s next move. He had positioned His people carefully over time and was in full control, even though it didn’t seem like it to the human eye! I understood that God could change the whole game from devastation to celebration, with only a few simple steps.

A row of black cards were nicely lined up from 9 to 1 on the right side. It was the remaining cards needed to complete the line of the black king. But God had blocked the enemy’s access to it by putting a red card on top of it. So it was in God’s hand. He could at any time choose to let the enemy complete his row of power.

The black king surely wanted that and he was convinced that a complete line would give him power to rule the earth forever. But the rules of the game were in our favor and with a smile I was reminded what really happens to a completed row in solitaire. It is removed! Once a row has been completed from king to ace, the whole row is completely and utterly removed, judged and sent away, never to be seen again! But the enemy had been blinded to that truth.

Isn’t it amazing how such mundane things can be used to explain divine principles? It may feel scary when dark clouds are building up, but perhaps what we fear is actually our solution. For by allowing evil to form in it’s fullness, we come closer to it’sjudgement and end. With a few swift moves God can change everything!

Before the dream ended I was shown that the fate of the red king was different. While the line of the black king would be removed, the red king and it’s full line would remain and rule forever. It was the line of Christ. So be of good faith my friends and rejoice as darkness is forming, for it is preparing for it’s own destruction. God is in control!

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