No Weapon Shall Prosper

I had taken a bold step and taken up an unresolved case despite known dangers. I was convinced God had led me to do so. I had made up my mind that I would no longer bow down to fear and let threats rule over my life. I put my trust in God and proclaimed “You are the one who rule over my life! If you want me to get in trouble, then so be it. If You want me to be protected, then so be it. Whatever is Your will, let it happen!”.

160306 No Weapon

As expected, I received threats from a man, let’s call him Sander. He wanted me to drop the case, but I would not bend. I kept on walking, I stood my ground, and reported the threats to the polive instead. Then one day I got a horrible feeling in my gut, for seemingly no reason. It wouldn’t go away and lasted a whole day. It wasn’t just fear and uneasiness, it was familiar and specific. I felt exactly the same way I’d done some years earlier when a similar threat had grown into a wild storm and could have ruined my life. Would I really be dragged back into all of that horror again?

Regardless of the consequences ..I was tired of being bullied, threatened and pressured by wicked men with false accusations. So I said “It’s up to You God, I trust You! I will not let fear dictate my life. You tell me what to do for I fear You more than any man!”.

Then I dreamt that I would be used as a tool to bring judgement on Sander and I prayed that it would bring him closer to God. I dreamt that he would check my records, but not find much to report and that I would get help not to step in the mud. I also dreamt that he would attack me legally and I had to answer and defend myself.. and at that time my left ear would be filled with a black substance that needed to be cleanse out.

As I had these dreams, so also the real life situation progressed. Just a few days after the terrible gut feeling, I called the police. I wanted to remind them that I needed a copy of the police report I had filed regarding the threats. The response was surprising and I came to know that everything had turned upside down. Instead of a dialogue about my report against Sander, I was informed that I had been reported to the police by Sander! ..for financial fraud! Well, it is said that attack is the best defence..

Somewhat perplexed I came to grips with the news and wondered what kind of fraud was he suggesting? Would he try to twist elements of the past and use them against me or would he fabricate something completely new and outragous? I had no illusion of how creative and reckless he could be. He was playing the exact same cards as was used in the wild storm earlier, but not only that.. The police received the report against me the very same day that I had the terrible gut feeling. No wonder I felt bad, God was keeping me updated!

As I hang up from the conversation with the police, I noticed that I had held the phone next to my left ear through the entire conversation. I was reminded of the dream and understood that the black substance that had entered my ear was words of darkness and evil accusations. It was time to cleanse it out.

So.. I had been reported to the police for alleged financial crime. What now? Innocent or not, I still knew I could get in trouble and it was not a good feeling. I was more worried about the hassle of legal procedures and all the mess it could cause than anything else. But I gave it God saying “Whatever You want me to spend my time on, You decide”. And so I went on with my ordinary life.

I was supposed to meet up at the police station to be questioned, but as I got closer to the appointed date I got a sensation. It was as if God told me that there would be no mess, it would all be stopped and contained very early. I knew that technically it could have started a storm, cause I had experienced that before, but the voice told me it would be nothing.

And so the policeman called me. He told me he had looked at the papers and was very confused. He didn’t understand what I was reported for really, or what crime I supposedly had done. He couldn’t find any proof of anything, just wishy washy claims and suggestions and acts that was all legal and firmly within the law. I reminded him that this was an attempt to force me to drop a case or take revenge, just as the threats stated, so the motive was clear.

The whole case ended up being dismissed, no hassle, no mess. The accusations fell to the ground before the process even started. Praise God! Now, you may argue that this would have happened with or without God, and I cannot prove His intervention. But personally I know from experience that anything can be blown up to a big mess if dark forces get access. Certainly I would not have had the courage and guts to keep on walking in the face of these dangers, without the word of God guiding me and comforting me on the inside!

So I can only say God is good! God is faithful! He warns us, helps us, comforts us and speak to us. He walks with us and gives us strength, courage and guidance ..if we take the time to spend time with Him, every day, like we would do with anyone we truly love.

Isaiah 54:17:
“No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
and every tongue that rises against you in judgement
you shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
and their righteousness is from Me”
says the Lord.

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