A Breath Of Independence

Brexit is a fact. With more than 51% of the votes, the British people decided to leave the European Union yesterday. And thus bankers, top politicians and globalists are grieving. Why? Because a bunch of small independent nations are so much less controlable. You know, they may actually do what the people want and practice real democracy! Crazy right? National souverenity makes it so much harder for the globalists to fulfill their wet dream of a complete bureaucratic tyranny with full control of all resources and the souls of men.

160624 A Breath Of Independence

Now, will the breath of liberty and local democracy be contageous and spread? Only time will tell, but this historic vote made me think of a dream I had the 6th of January 2015. It was a very short dream, basically just showing me a list of independent nations in Europe. The list seemed to be longer, but the nations I clearly remember was Spain, France and Greece. As I woke up I wonder if the whole EU would crumble and fall. Would we soon see a new Europe of small independent nations as it used to be decades ago?

I hesitated to publish the dream though, as I was uncertain of it’s true meaning and validity. I simply found it hard to believe and wondered if it was just “wishful dreaming”. But today I congratulate all Brits with their “independence day” and cheer on other nations to follow. Independence may not be all easy, and the British people will surely have their struggles. But it will be their struggles and they will be free to solve it their own way.

Any move that brings power and authority closer to the people, is a step in the right direction. So thank you Britain for standing up for liberty, it will make it so much easier for many others. May God see our urge for independence from wicked rules, and depend on Him and His way of life. May we all put our trust and loyalty in His hands alone, and may He bless our nations and help us walk with Him in all matters both as nations and men.

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