Shaking The Earth

The 15th of July the world was horrified by the terrorist attack in Nice, and the 16th we woke up to the news of an attempted military coup in Turkey. Hundreds of people were killed and both Ankara and Istanbul was heavily targeted. It is still not clear who were behind the coup, but it shook the nation. The Turkish people, even the bitter enemies of the ruling president, flooded the streets to take a stand against the coup and for democracy. Their efforts paid off and the coup was thwarted, still a deepening rift has shown it’s face and marked it’s presence by the event.

The media shows how many people sense this troubling discord, asking themselves with fear “What comes next?”. As I became aware of the event, I wondered how to respond and what to do about it. Logic told me to sit down and pray, but I didn’t really feel like it. So I said “God, I will not say empty words of prayer just for religion’s sake, so if You want me to do something specific, then please lead me”.

Well, I forgot about it and focused on my own stuff. Then suddenly some hours later God showed me that He would shake the earth. I saw areas of land being physically shaken, as if attempting to shake off the elements of evil that was seated there. I felt the intense spiritual power aimed at producing a change in the region, and the ground trembled from it.

Then I saw a dividing line, like a crack in the earth that became bigger and plates being slightly repositioned. It was at this point I realized that the piece of land I was looking at was Istanbul and it’s surrounding areas. I saw the crack being under water, down in the sea, passing several islands and making the gap between Europe and Asia slightly wider. This gap may certainly speak of the international geopolitical gap, but also the widening gap between the western oriented and the islamist oriented people of Turkey.

As I saw all of this, I knew that this event was directly related to the attempted coup. It was as if the one opened the door for the other. It was as if the spiritual force and motivation behind the coup, and it’s actual manifestation, released something, a new stage where this shaking will occur.

We know that all that can be shaken, will be shaken, in the times ahead. All that is not firmly rooted in God. This includes all levels both spiritual, political, financial and personal. We will experience and already are experiencing some of this challenging shaking. But the shaking will also at times be literal, like shaking the actual earth, and what I saw looked very much like a physical earthquake. So, could it be that the answer to the question “What comes next?” is a multilevel shaking, including a physical earthquake in the ground of Istanbul? A shaking that indicates a greater gap and an increased rift between East and West?

I asked a good friend in Istanbul if he had heard anything that could confirm this. The answer was stunning. He had multiple reports of friends having dreams and visions about earthquakes in Istanbul, in the sea ouside Istanbul. Specific islands were mentioned and as I checked the map, it was in the exact same location that I had been shown. One of the testimonies included an earthquake followed by a tsunami hitting the shores of Istanbul.

What a coincident! Or prhaps it was no coincidence at all? Perhaps it is all Connected and God is warning His People through dreams and visions. Please note that God is not shaking the earth for no reason. The shaking is part of the purging that is needed for the light of Christ to enter in. The one cannot happen without the other, for when light comes, darkness must flee. That being said, it is also true that the forces of darkness rarely flee without first putting up an ugly battle, making a lot of mess. So don’t be scared, instead know that a lot of these challenges need to happen, because it is preparing the ground for a greater light and God’s glory.

I believe God revealed this to me, both to warn people and also to share a wider perspective of the current events. So what should we do? Well, this shaking is not only coming to Istanbul, so first of all I recommend everyone to make peace with God, the true Creator. Ask forgiveness for your sins. Ask Him to keep you safe and seek His advice. Secondly, I think it is wise to keep some basic food, medicine, water, fuel and first aid equipment in the house. If you are led to make other physical preparations, then do so, but most of all give your life to Christ. He is the Messiah. He is the one returning. He is the only place for safety.

Update, 12th of September 2016:
The area has definately been shaken and the relations between the west and east, US and Turkey has changed significantly. Turks no longer want the US on it’s soil and despite obvious challenges Turkey has created new ties with Russia and Syria. A shift has happened, now lets pray it is settled with no need for a physical earthquake in the ground.

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