Home To Paradice

Yesterday a man in my village died. He had cancer. He was also a lonely alcoholic, the village fool noone wanted to be associated with. The news about his death made me thank God. Surely I didn’t thank for him passing away, but rather for me having been obedient. About six months before the death, I sent him a letter. Let’s call him Erik.

I had a dream about Erik almost a year ago. In this dream I was sitting by the entrance road to my biological father’s house. This house is and was located in a place literally called Paradice in the native language. I was just sitting there working on my computer. Then Erik came. He passed me and walked slowly up the steep hill to my father’s house. That was it.

I was well familiar with dream interpretation and understood that the dream spoke about coming home to our heavenly Father, in paradice. I also understood that Erik would get there before me. Some might have wondered how a drunkard and all but a church goer could enter paradice. But I wondered why I was given this dream. Should I pray? Should I do something?

A few months later the answer came. I learnt that Erik had cancer, terminal cancer. Suddenly it all made sense. I received the dream to comfort him and share hope.

But I didn’t know the guy. I had never spoken with him and I didn’t even know his real name. I only knew him by the local nickname he’d been given. To my delight my daughter knew where he lived. So by that the plan was clear and I started writing.

I wrote a letter and put it in an envelope. I told him about the dream and it’s meaning. I told him I didn’t know he had cancer when I received the dream. I shared comforting words to let him know he is not alone. I told him not to fear, because paradice is the most beautiful place anyone can go to. I told him that God LOVES him and that everything is forgiven, all is forgotten, if he will embrace the gift Yeshua (Jesus/Isa) has given him.. And then the letter remained dorment on my desk, surrounded by doubt.

Should I really send such a controversial letter to a person in such a tiny community? What if it ended up in the wrong mail box? Thoughts like this circled in my head and the daily fuss made me forget about the task and time passed by. But sometimes I would wake up and be reminded in fear “What if he dies before I get to give him the letter?”. So I got my act together and the letter was put in his mail box.

Then I kind of forgot about it all.. until things started to happen. A month ago Erik’s house burnt down to the ground and yesterday he died from cancer. Therefore I thank God that Erik is back home with his Father in paradice and that I had the guts to be obedient.

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