Heaven On Earth

I think it was the 4th of August that I planted a cherry tree in my garden. It was dedicated to be a connection between heaven and earth,¬†with it’s crown of beautiful flowers in the air and deep roots in the ground. I declared that it would be a symbol of Christ’s rulership in my life, my family and my town, that He would take charge and have authority. I prayed that the trunk would grow thick and strong to resemble a solid connection between heaven and earth.


It was a simple thing, yet a powerful act, and expecting sweet fruits in a few years is not a bad thing either. The tree was more like a dry stick, than an actual tree. I had received it in the mail and it had stayed too long there, so I was worried it would not survive. So I spoke life into the dry stick and asked Yeshua (Jesus/Isa) to embrace it with His presence. It looked completely dead, but a voice inside of me told me it was alive and that a week later I would see new green leaves.

That night, in between deep sleep, I thought I woke up because there was someone in my garden. I was in my bed and I couldn’t see or hear anything, and technically it would have been impossible to see something cause there were no windows facing that part of the garden. Still I was convinced that someone was in my garden and I could feel a presence there so strongly.

It was kind of dark and mystical, like a thief in the night, and the person walked over to the stick I had planted. He stretched out his hand and touched it. In that moment I knew that it was Yeshua and I was filled with such joy and peace. He was here! He was actually here! In my own garden!Well.. a little bit later I woke up for real and realized that I had not been in a normal state. But whether I was awake or asleep, there was no doubt, Christ had been there.

Doubt wanted to put me down and told me that the stick was dead, and it was all just a fantasy. And every time I heard the voice of doubt, I answered with faith declaring even more life into the stick and repeated what I had been told. I must admit I was a bit nervous to go check cause reality can sometimes kill faith through a negative report. So I waited a bit and one week later the stick had fresh new leaves coming and was fully alive!

Now, I tell you this not only as a testimony, but also as an instruction. This is something simple and powerful that all of us can do. This is a way of taking territory in the spiritual realm to transform lives and lands. ..and YOU are heaven’s representative in YOUR area. Will you engage in the battle and use the authority Christ has given you? Will you join me in the effort of creating a stronger connection between heaven and earth? Will you help pull the heavenly light into the physical realm? If so, this is a powerful way when combined with a dedicated heart. Don’t have a garden? Plant something out in nature or find a different symbolic act for pulling heaven closer to earth.

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