Consecrating Turkey

Late 2014, when ISIS threatened to besiege Kobani, I spent a whole lot of time praying. I desperately wanted to be in the area and pray for peace. While praying I started to see a tent being placed over Kobani and I knew it was a Tent of Miracles. I asked for the tent to be firmly planted and that Yeshua would come a dwell in it and take command over the area. I prayed that He would walk through the streets and make himself known in people’s hearts, in their dreams and protect the fighters. Shortly after ISIS had it’s first defeat!

About a month later I travelled by bus for hours and hours through Turkey’s mainland. I couldn’t sleep so I spent most of my time praying. It was as if a cape of prayer waved in the wind after the bus and covered the land. Then the Tent of Miracles appeared again. I saw it over the entire nation of Turkey and I prayed and declared that it would be firmly planted for Christ to rule over the nation. I knew Turkey was vulnerable to the same darkness Syria was battling, so I prayed that Christ would increase light, protect life and cast out death and darkness.

I didn’t think more about this event until this summer, when I attended a prophetic gathering with Tom and Jane Hamon. I had never attended stuff like that before, but the way things were prepared for me to be able to go there made it obvious that God really wanted me to join this gathering. And when I came there Iunderstood why. The general topic for the whole gathering was how to take new territory for God. We were given tools and insights for breakthrough and a tent peg was one of the essential elements.

If you’re not familiar with the teachings on tents and tent pegs, it’s a well-known consept in the bible. A tent is often seen as a meeting place, a place where God can dwell here on earth and man can commune with Him. The Hebrew letter pronounced “vav” is shaped like a tent peg and is a symbol of somthing that connects, like the connection point between connecting heaven and earth for example. To expand the tent peg is also a biblical term and refers to the act of expanding one’s territory for God.

In the end of the gathering we were told to ask God what area He had given us responsibility over and where we needed to put tent pegs in the ground as a symbolic act of pulling heaven closer to earth and taking new ground for God. At that moment I remembered the Tent of Miracles I had been shown years earlier, and I knew I had to put seven tent pegs in turkish ground. Six tent pegs to cover the land and one in the middle to connect them all.

160815 Consecrating Turkey

I have a cottage in Turkey and luckily I have some friends that will help out on the west coast. So in September we will consecrate Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya to Yeshua¬†and thereby cover the west. Later, probably in 2017, I will need to go to places like Diyarbakir, Agri (the mountain area where Noah’s arch seems to have been found) and possibly Trabzone to cover the east, then finally Ankara in the centre. May the light of Christ embrace the entire nation by this, protect against harm and lay the¬†foundation for widespread revival.

Will I be able to complete it all? I have no idea! But I know for sure it’s only by God’s grace if I do, cause I am possibly the worst person for the task. Why do I say so? Well, truth is I am not able to travel on my own, only in daylight in familiar places that I kind of know by heart. So my fear is not bombs or terrorists, but rather being stuck somewhere in a crowd or in traffic or in the dark and not being able to get anywhere. So I definately need a travel companion for the eastern part, and Ankara, but if it’s important to God I trust He will provide.

I am very greatful for anyone willing to pray for both me and the project and anyone wanting to join me is more than welcome. I will try to document the journey step by step through a video blog on Sjelefred’s Youtube channel. If I succeed you will see the videos embedded here below..

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