Are You Chosen?

Do you want to be a chosen one?
One that God has selected to solve a specific issue?
The hero that sets people free and brings in a new level of light?

Think again, cause chances are you would not want to be that person, if you knew what it takes to get there. For God works in mysterious ways and what is good in the end, may not be pleasant along the way. Is it still worth it, precious and valuable? Most definately! But would we willingly walk every step of the path though? Perhaps not..

Let’s say the world is filled with problems, and God selects one specific person to bring truth and solutions to one specific issue. Solving the issue is the heroic act in the end game, the part we all get to see and admire. But all the way up until that moment, the chosen one must be thoroughly trained and equipped for the task. And that is the part of the journey most of us would rather be without.

For how does God train and equip people to overcome a challenge? Well, quite often He lets them experience the challenge in depth, with great intensity, and not just a little bit but possibly every single stinking aspect of it. This way He makes sure the chosen one has a deep level of understanding on the subject. That usually means a lot of suffering! And that’s not enough. God doesn’t only let the chosen experience the challenge, He makes sure there is no escape and no other option but to go through it all until God reveals His perfect solution.

In other words, it can be horrible. Let me give you an example. Let’s say God chose Antony for an important task.. He wanted Antony to provide a way for people to get out of a pot of boiling water and give him the desire to rescue people that are stuck in boiling pots. To train and motivate Antony, God may then put Antony in a pot of boiling water and let him stay there. First the pain would develope a deep understanding in Antony, then later on an empathy for anyone feeling the same. Then he may test out all the things that don’t work, the man-made or twisted solutions of the world, and then finally God would direct him to a new and better way that can set men free. Now Antony is trained, equipped and motivated.

God lets His prophets and chosen ones live the challenge, not just hear or talk about it. He makes sure their life is so miserable that they may even die without a higher solution. And as they seek Him in desperation, He reveals new treasures to them. Now that’s what I call motivation! And that is why we may not all really want to be chosen at all, but we’re all called and very, very valuable!