Intimacy is defined as a close, familiar and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group. It is all about interacting and being close to someone in a safe and loving environment. Intimacy can involve sex, but can also be all the other elements of closeness such as sharing thoughts, feelings, physical touch or simply oneness in silence.

Intimacy can only occure when we allow ourselves to be humble, transparent and vulnerable. It is like undressing and showing it all, both good and bad, and still be accepted and loved. It is in such an environment that we can open up and share our innermost fears or difficult issues, without being condemned but receive healing or comfort that makes pain fade away. It’s a powerful state of heartfelt communication that brings peace, joy and the feeling of being loved,

Whether we experience it with a friend, a parent, a partner or a church, the concept is the same. And this is exactly the kind of tenderness and close relation God wants with all of us. A real relationship soaked with tenderness and love. If you have felt a loving intimate relation here on earth, you have a good idea of how God longs to interact with you as well. We read in the bible that God is asking us to be humble, transparent and vulnerable, and that is probably because that is the only way to experience His intimacy as well. He loves you. He wants to be close to you. And if you already know and experience that, than you are blessed and long to see others experience it too.

So how do we really know that this is what God wants for us? Well, the whole bible is a long love story about that very thing. I’m sure there’s already plenty of books on that topic so I will not go into etails on that. Instead I will share some of the things God has allowed me to experience personally, and some of it might surprise you. For example, did you know that the original word translated to “worship” in English bibles actually means “to come close enough to kiss”?

I never really related to the word worship. It didn’t make sense to me. It reminded me of headless chicken seeking a distant God somewhere out there, to prove their unworthiness, loosing themselves and their own power in the process. I didn’t grow up as a Christian so to me that’s what worship sounded like and in many cases that’s what I saw people do as well. But when I heard the real meaning of “worship”, it made perfect sense to me.

Suddenly I understood why I felt as if I was madly in love every time I found something of great significance. What do I mean you may ask. Well, it could happen in the strangest settings so let me illustrate with an example. Ever since I was a teenager I was obsessed with finding answers to the mysteries of life and endulged in things like sacred geometry, the relations between sound, shapes and colors and how they affect our lives. This kind of subjects made me feel on fire and every time I found something of importance, something that led me closer to truth, I would feel as if I was in love with someone.

I never questioned why, I just understood that it meant that what I had found was important and real. I was always seeking answers to questions noone else cared about, so to me this was simply a part of my “truth-radar”. But one time, when I was about 30 years old, the sensation was very strong and quite odd to be honest. I had found a guy that shared all kinds of scientific stuff about the heart and sacred geometry. His language and illustrations was so complicated that I hardly understood a thing, but I kept listening to him as if I couldn’t get enough.

He shared how love is proven to be able to bend light, and when it does it bends it in the shape of a perfect phi spiral. This again seemed to prove, or happen because, love is a force in itself. He shared details of how love as a force had it’s own gravitational pull, such as planets and stars do. I can’t help thinking of how we often say that love is the “glue” that binds us together.

I can’t guarantee that the scientific details of what I just wrote are correct however, cause as I said his language was way above my head. This was just the essence I think I managed to grasp. Nevertheless I listened as if the info was water and I was dying of thirst, just couldn’t get enough. I didn’t understand too much consciously, but my spirit obviously recognized something cause I was in total bliss. I was doped on love with shaky knees and rapid heart beats. At times my brain got slightly confused and wondered if it was time to make out.

It was amazing, and a bit ackwardness at the same time. The guy I was watching was all but attractive to me, an old strange guy with fluffy grey hair and shabby clothes, and all I could think of was kissing. Luckily the guy was on the other side of the globe, as I was only watching videos on the internet.

Despite the confusion, I understood that this was God’s way of showing me the importance of the information presented. It was still strange, but then again, that is a good thing. The ackwardness and strangeness of things can be a good indicator that the message is indeed from God. For the things that follow our logic mind or our souls desires, may simply be made up by our logic minds and our souls desires. But the weird things we don’t immediately understand, that make us wonder and that we could never imagine, are more likely to be a legitimate message from God. And in this case God spoke through His intimacy in a setting I would never expect.

This and many other similar experiences, obviously made the true meaning “worship” very real. It also proved to me that worship has nothing to do with being small and unworthy, or to seek an elevated figure in a far distance. Quite opposite, it means mutual love in an intimate place where we are so close to our God and Creator that we can feel His breath, His heart and His loving hand.