A Fair Election

Last night I prayed that God would contain the voter fraud attempts in America. Just enough to make sure democracy worked and Trump had a chance at least. I suddenly got the sensation that Trump would lead the nation for two years. What came after, I had no idea. He may be seated longer, but circumstances may give him less opportunity to act as desired. I don’t know. All I know is that it was unexpected and it would be strange for me to make up something like that on my own.

Then as I went to bed it was as if God told me that I would dream about Him. That I would have a dream about God and what He was up to. That made me curious. I had forgotten about the election and had no idea what to expect. But obviously He was up to something special and wanted us to know.

So I dreamt about a round, white table with pictures laid out on it. The pictures were of fairies and we, me and others, were choosing pictures. It was a very short and simple dream, yet equally profound. White is a symbol of purity and elements of the spiritual. A round table can indicate a peaceful deal or arrangement, and a fairy is like a word play for FAIR. To choose is to select.. which leads to elect.

I woke up and remembered the dream, and my first thought was “Did the dream really tell me that God had secured a FAIR ELECTION? Was that what God had been doing last night?”.

I was already eager to see who had won, but now my interest was even higher. And soon I came to learn that Trump had indeed had his victory! My immediate thought was “We have been granted a bit more time. We have to use it well!” and I was eager to get to it right away.

May God bless America once again. May it be a beacon of light and a living example of freedom used for good. May God use Trump to prepare and restore the nation to it’s biblical roots, and may it serve as a blessing to the whole world!