A Word For 2017

As I was speaking with a friend on the phone today, I started wondering, what will 2017 bring about? We had been praying and remembering how the words for each year in the past, had been building up in a logic sequence. Before I knew it, I saw fireworks and flowers, as if it was one and the same thing. Like an expression of celebration, breakthrough and explosive power with a dash of beauty all at once.

Joy and fire awaits the ones that are corageous and on the frontline, pushing forward for the next phase, a new release of His Kingdom. Those that are awake already see the new trends forming on the horizon. They are prepared and long to be a part of the new gracefilled motion. A rush of freedom in the blood, a new spring for long stored seeds. Wait in anticipation to see what God will bring, breathe deep and reach for a greater measure of His presence.

Pain and insecurity however will be a major issue for those that are behind. Those trying to cling to the past, what they are used to, the safe, familiar and profane. Those who love the worldly routines, the controlled affairs and predictable outcomes. Those who do not dare to trust the invisible, will tremble as change comes.

Like a swift avalance, things will losen up by God’s transforming power. The ground will be removed under your feet if you’re standing in the wrong place, and fortune may come overnight to another. Being aligned with God’s grace, God’s living word and breath, is to clue to it all, those who are will never regret. Seek Him and you will be safe, comforted and brought to the right place. Surrender all your opinions, hard feelings and expectations.

We will see the beginning of transfer of power, from rulers of this world to the children of Yahweh. New adventures, properties and tasks, await the ones that are part of His staff. Have you packed your backpack, and pulled out the sled? Are you ready for a breakthrough, the start of a new day? Rejoice for the new flow that is coming, the new light coloring the horizon.