Truth Will Set You Free

A few months ago we came across a video that immediately caught our attention. A testimony of truth, life, death, religions and spirituality. It was the first video of the “TRUTH ME FREE” series by Nathan Wheeler. We had no idea where it would lead but just knew we had found something incredible. Now, seven episodes

The Veins of Hell

Today I asked God to help me in a situation. As a part of the answer I was shown a basic principle of the power battles on earth. The battle between good and evil is by no means only present in movies, it is constantly present in and around us. So the question is, will

The Court of the Sacred Fire

I asked God to help me in a rough situation, and as a part of his answer he showed me the veins of hell and the following vision: Before me I saw a crowd of heavenly hosts, about twenty or so. They were not angels but holy men and women serving God. I am not

The Living Word of God

As I turned on a certain video on the internet, I immediately felt a presence. With my spiritual eyes I saw that it was as if it was snowing around me. Tiny particles of white light, with a subtle sparkling of the colors of the rainbow, was falling from above my head. Light as feathers and

The Body of Christ

I looked into the air and I saw Yeshua (Jesus) before me. He had long hair, long garments and a posture that made me recognize him immediately. As I looked closer I realized that it wasn’t really him, but rather his silhouette. It was as if his shape was cut out from a piece of

Cursing the West

As I was travelling by airplane to Turkey for a holiday in 2011, the plane started shaking quite vigorously due to turbulence in the air. It continued for at least fifteen minutes and carried a very unpleasant vibe. It wasn’t just ordinary turbulence, it was as if it had an underlying scent of evil. With