Finally we have cracked the code for how to make videos and publish them online. Sjelefred’s own videos are of course also available on our Youtube channel Sjelefred.


front-consecrating-turkeyConsecrating Turkey

Follow this ongoing project to bring heaven closer to earth in Turkey, through prophetic acts, prayer and obedience. Watch and join the effort. See more..


7 trumpets frontThe Seven Trumpets

Carl Gallups shows us how most of the seven major end time events prophecied by John about 2000 years ago, may already have happened. See more..


front FL3Nutrition Facts

Enjoy a small selection of Dr. Michael Greger’s entertaining videos on the latest science about food and it’s effect on our health. See more..


Course front2Truth Me Free

Nathan Wheeler shares his unique testimony about his search for the truth about God, life, death and the everafter. After an NDE the angels sent him back to life to create this series. See more..




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